Notes from the Studio

Creativity is about making connections
Creativity = the possibility of connection.
Highlighting Cinnamon Coffee
Ahhh, the first day of September! The skies are overcast here and the next couple of evenings will see temperatures drop into the 50s--a radical departure from the many weeks of intense heat and humidity we've endured! With autumn's splendors nearing, it seems like the perfect time to highlight Cinnamon Coffee. ☕
Scent Profile: Golden Forest
Golden Forest plays with an accord that is evocative of amber and tree resins. Mingling then with deep, woodsy notes of fir and cedar, the scent also pops with notes of lemon and eucalytus. It's a bit mysterious, definitely outdoorsy and a decidedly different take on a woody + earthy scent profile.
Creativity is...
What part of being creative brings you particular joy? What do you find challenging?
Creativity for Culture Making
Just like the artistic, emotional, inspirational or aesthetic-based works that we usually think of as "creativity," contributing to the kind of world that's materially better for more folks is something that that we all can do--and do in the spirit of creation.
All About Wildwood Meadow
Wildwood Meadow is a fragrance that took its time to come together. And that’s something that I adore about the scent creation process! Seeing how the initial ideas evolve as I try different fragrance notes together is an unfolding that is honestly just plain fun. Read more about it now!
Creativity is a Way of Living
How do you express your creativity in the everyday? Where do you invite creativity into your life?
Introducing Berry Lemonade and Garden Stroll!
Berry Lemonade 🍋 and Garden Stroll 🌱 Both of these scents are limited edition seasonal fragrances based on the vibrant lushness of nature this time of year, interwoven with personal memories and nostalgia.The stories behind their conception and creation are...
How Blending Fragrances Became a Passion and Then This Business
A creative practice--whether it involves writing, stitching, drawing, knitting, painting, carving, making music, crafting, cooking, crocheting, singing, meditating, sculpting, or dancing--connects us more deeply to ourselves. And to our joy. Over the years, blending fragrances became one of my creative...
If You're Alive, You're a Creative Person
A little more than a decade ago, I would have side-eyed this quote. Weren't creative people only artists of some sort? Or folks who were *always* creative...from day one?How narrow was my understanding of what creativity is back then!In the...
What Creativity Do You Want to Share With the World?
This was the question I asked myself when dreaming of what would become Reverie + Felicity Studio.As a candlemaker for more than a decade, I knew I wanted to evolve my craft. And that led to formulating imaginative, custom-blended scents...
The Reverie + Felicity Studio Fragrance Library
These scents were custom blended to be enjoyed with your personal creative practiceThey're also wonderful companions when you need a bit of inspiration or simply want to relax.