Welcoming Fall with Hearthside

Hearthside Classic Candle in Leaves

Are the leaves changing yet where you live? 🍁This past week in North Carolina, the colors really started to pop for the first time! This sign of fall, along with a chill creeping into the evenings, thrills me every. single. year. Both because there’s such a visual beauty to this season and because of the anticipatory feelings of coziness they cue in me. Seeing red leaves sprinkled on the still-green grass even prompted a spontaneous candle photo shoot one afternoon!

Thinking about coziness, Hearthside is most certainly the coziest of the fragrance blends I created for the Fall/Winter Collection. Velvety smooth and smoky, Hearthside is sweetly smoldering with toasted vanilla and earthy, charred wood notes that entice you to settle in, exhale and relax. It’s a little bit of a gentler scent where the ambery vanilla rounds out the sharper notes of clove, cedar and smoke.

While Hearthside is a fragrance in candle form, I also think of it as that je ne sais quoi of comfort so many of us seek as we enter into this time of year.

So, I’m curious, if this is one of your favorite seasons, what aspects of it do you look forward to most? 🍂

✨I'm Erin and I make candles for creatives and the creatively curious. I believe we're all innately creative and whether we know it or not yet, we each have creative gifts to discover and take pleasure in! I enjoy creating with fragrance and wax, along with needle and thread, and yarn from time to time too. What are your favorite creative mediums?✨

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