Notes from the Studio

Reflecting On Reverie + Felicity Studio's First Birthday
June is Reverie + Felicity Studio’s birthday month! And I can’t believe it but this month marks this little business's first birthday. Here are some of my reflections from the past year...
Reflections on Maintaining Your Creative Spark
Do you find yourself policing your creative time by putting expectations around the outcomes? Is it difficult to justify making time for your creative callings? Read on for some thoughts on these common creative conundrums!
Creative Candlemaking + Scent Blending Workshop
Would you like to learn to make your own candles and fragrance blends? Well, you're in luck! Read more...
Meet the Maker
My name is Erin and I’m a chandler (that’s the fancy word for a candle maker) in central North Carolina. I work from a studio behind the cottage that I share with my artist partner Matt, our teenage son Jacob, and 11 cats–yes, you read that right! 😸 And the kitty in my arms is Lulu and today’s her 10th birthday! Read more...
The Unique Scents of Reverie + Felicity Studio
It's National Fragrance Day so let's talk about the fragrances of Reverie + Felicity Studio!
Why choose soy candles?
    Why choose soy candles? Great question!👉 Soy wax is made from U.S.-grown soybean plants (makes sense) which means it’s natural, renewable and biodegradable…all good things!👉 It’s also great for candles because it creates a nice slow burn –...
Seasonal Scents for Spring + Summer
Through winter and a very heavy 2022 so far, I'm ready to be surrounded by bright, welcoming scents. How about you? This is why I'm delighted it's time to share the Spring/Summer collection!
We Must Use Time Creatively
It's interesting to read and hear Dr. King's letters and speeches through the lens of creativity.
2022 Intentions
While I'm not one to typically make resolutions, I was inpsired to name and compile these intentions after seeing this post from Allison Staiger of The Matriarchy.These are some of my aims for Reverie + Felicity Studio and for me...
Patchwork Holiday Market Recap
Thank you to everyone who came out earlier in the week to the Patchwork Holiday Market!
Event Alert: The Patchwork Holiday Market
Tomorrow is the Patchwork Holiday Market in Durham! 🎉I'll be there with the full line of Reverie + Felicity Studio candles and candle creation kits!Visit @patchworkmarket for a preview of the 50+ artists and vendors who will be in attendance. Admission is...
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Insiders are the first to hear about specials, limited edition offers and other news from Reverie + Felicity Studio.
New Product: Candle Creation Kit
Candle Creations Kits are here!
The Beauty of Creativity
There is no failing when practicing creativity, only learning and growing.
Seasonal Candle Profile: Winter Woods
Winter Woods is most definitely for you nature lovers. For those who 🌲pine🌲 for hikes in the forest. Who can’t wait to go camping. 🏕️ And who embrace nights under the stars and amongst the trees. 🌃
Land Acknowledgement for Indigenous People's Day

My business and home, just like your home, sit on land once stewarded and inhabited by Native Americans. After hearing land acknowledgements on several occasions in 2020 and learning more about the Indigenous peoples who lived in what is now central North Carolina, I wanted to share this acknowledgement today.

Welcoming Fall with Hearthside
Are the leaves changing yet where you live? 🍁This past week in North Carolina, the colors really started to pop for the first time! This sign of fall, along with a chill creeping into the evenings, thrills me every. single. year. Both because there’s such a visual beauty to this season and because of the anticipatory feelings of coziness they cue in me. Seeing red leaves sprinkled on the still-green grass even prompted a spontaneous candle photo shoot one afternoon!
It's the time of year for Gathering Time!
Meant to evoke cherished occasions with loved ones, Gathering Time is a festive, fruit-forward fragrance. Featuring autumnal and wintery notes of pomegranate, currant and apple that are deepened with spices like nutmeg and ginger, I created this blend to celebrate the feeling of warmth from being together with the people and creatures most important to you.
Cardamom Pumpkin: A Creative Take on Pumpkin for the Fall
Cardamom Pumpkin is a cozy and tantalizing original fragrance blend I created after a trip to Sweden several years ago to visit the Ice Hotel and Stockholm. Amidst all of the wonderful experiences of the time, tasting the rich cardamom flavor in bread, baked goods, glogg and coffee is something that stays with me.
You are creative!
Some creative encouragement for you today!
The Fall/Winter 2021 Collection from Reverie + Felicity Studio!
Who's ready for some cozy, new scents? With the change of season tomorrow, please say hello to the Reverie + Felicity Studio Fall/Winter Collection!