Notes from the Studio

Valentine's & Galentine's Day Candle Gift Ideas
Love is in the air, and whether you're celebrating romantic bliss or cherished friendships, the warm glow (and intoxicating scents) of handcrafted soy wax candles from Reverie + Felicity Studio are the perfect Valentine's Day and Galentine's Day gifts!
5 Must-Have Cozy Candles for Winter
As the winter chill sets in, there's nothing like a flickering candle and a homey scent to create a cozy atmosphere. Check out these 5 candles that are perfect companions for snug evenings and festive vibes!
MOONGLOW: an art collaboration candle
Introducing MOONGLOW, a special collaboration between Tara Reed Art and Reverie + Felicity Studio!
13 Years of Candlemaking!
Read how I got my start in candlemaking as I celebrate 13 years of this creative adventure!
Inspiring Books for Your Creativity and Creative Journey
Explore this curated list of inspiring books that have fueled my creative journey. Discover how these reads might nourish your creativity and creative journey too!
Limited Edition Candle #4: Caramel • Woods • Coffee
Crafted to evoke feelings of pure comfort, Caramel • Woods • Coffee is a fragrance that will also transform your space into a warm, inviting haven. Read more about this limited edition candle now!
Limited Edition Candle #3: Passionfruit • Amber • Palm
It's been such a joy to create new limited edition scents this year! Here's the latest candle in this series--it's a real beauty for summertime.
Seasonal Candle Profile: Berry Lemonade
Learn more about the inspiration behind Berry Lemonade and how this scent came to be!
Seasonal Candle Profile: Garden Stroll
Garden Stroll is a candle with a gorgeously complex fragrance. Its aroma is an amalgam of nuanced green and floral elements, carefully composed as my loving olfactory ode to summertime in the south, a place I’ve always called home.
Limited Edition Candle #2: Lemongrass • Rose • Earth
Limited Edition candle #2 offers an intriguing fragrance combination that I loved creating!
Limited Edition Candle #1: Fig • Tobacco • Cypress
✨New year, new candle!✨I'm so excited to share this limited-edition candle (and when I say limited, I mean it: there are only 30 of these babies.) Like all Reverie + Felicity Studio candles, this one features an original scent blend of my own creation. And it's a goooood one inspired by the moodiness of midwinter!
Small Business Saturday 2022 Sale!
Thank you for your support this year! As an expression of my gratitude, Reverie + Felicity Studio's biggest sale of the year starts this Saturday, November 26. Candles will be 25% off and kits will be 10% off. Sign up for...
Reflecting On Reverie + Felicity Studio's First Birthday
June is Reverie + Felicity Studio’s birthday month! And I can’t believe it but this month marks this little business's first birthday. Here are some of my reflections from the past year...
Reflections on Maintaining Your Creative Spark
Do you find yourself policing your creative time by putting expectations around the outcomes? Is it difficult to justify making time for your creative callings? Read on for some thoughts on these common creative conundrums!
Creative Candlemaking + Scent Blending Workshop
Would you like to learn to make your own candles and fragrance blends? Well, you're in luck! Read more...
Meet the Maker
My name is Erin and I’m a chandler (that’s the fancy word for a candle maker) in central North Carolina. I work from a studio behind the cottage that I share with my artist partner Matt, our teenage son Jacob, and 11 cats–yes, you read that right! 😸 And the kitty in my arms is Lulu and today’s her 10th birthday! Read more...
The Unique Scents of Reverie + Felicity Studio
It's National Fragrance Day so let's talk about the fragrances of Reverie + Felicity Studio!
Why choose soy candles?
    Why choose soy candles? Great question!👉 Soy wax is made from U.S.-grown soybean plants (makes sense) which means it’s natural, renewable and biodegradable…all good things!👉 It’s also great for candles because it creates a nice slow burn –...
Seasonal Scents for Spring + Summer
Through winter and a very heavy 2022 so far, I'm ready to be surrounded by bright, welcoming scents. How about you? This is why I'm delighted it's time to share the Spring/Summer collection!
We Must Use Time Creatively
It's interesting to read and hear Dr. King's letters and speeches through the lens of creativity.
2022 Intentions
While I'm not one to typically make resolutions, I was inpsired to name and compile these intentions after seeing this post from Allison Staiger of The Matriarchy.These are some of my aims for Reverie + Felicity Studio and for me...