Limited Edition Candle #2: Lemongrass • Rose • Earth

Lemongrass Rose Earth Soy Wax Candle Limited Edition from Reverie + Felicity Studio

This is the second release in a series of limited-edition candles from Reverie + Felicity Studio in 2023! Each quarter this year, I'm sharing a new scent blend I created in a small batch of 25-50 classic-sized candles. 

Lemongrass • Rose • Earth is an exuberant blend of:

  • lemongrass stalks and sweet heirloom rose petals
  • tender, newly-budded leaves and zesty Meyer lemons
  • juicy guava and the musk of damp earth

When creating this candle's scent, I sought to capture the bright promise of spring's early days.

The abundant blooms of the David Austin heirloom roses in my yard first sparked the idea for this fragrance blend. Some of my favorite varieties of these English roses have perfumes redolent of citrus and luscious tropical fruits.

So I combined the rose notes in this fragrance with robust green top notes of lemongrass and leaves, along with accents of sweet Meyer lemon zest and ripe guava, to add intriguing dimensions to the floral heart.

Nodding to April showers that replenish the earth, a subtle touch of fertile, damp garden soil seemed only natural to anchor the ebullience of the lively, sweet top and middle notes. 

The vibrant aroma of Lemongrass • Rose • Earth is best characterized as a playful fruity floral with harmonious green and musk notes. Limited edition run of 25 candles.

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