Candles for Creatives,
Makers, Crafters
and Dreamers

imaginative scents to enjoy with your creative practice

Comforting, cozy
seasonal scents to
enchance your
creative moments

Explore Your Creativity
with Candle Creation Kits

make your own candles!

Imaginative & Original
Phthalate-Free Scents
in All-Natural Soy Wax

At Reverie + Felicity Studio, I believe that we’re all innately creative. Whether we know it or not yet, we each have creative gifts to discover and take pleasure in!

I want to live in a world where we not only have the opportunities but are encouraged to be in touch with our own creativity.

Because exploring and practicing creativity allows us to connect with both our joy and humanity. And when we're connected with ourselves, we can better honor the humanity in each other.


The Seasonal Collection
Cardamom Pumpkin, Gathering Time, Hearthside and Winter Woods
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new to the shop!
Explore your creativity through candle making
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The Year-Round Collection
Bohemian Blooms, Cinnamon Coffee,
Golden Forest, Tangerine + Herbs and Wildwood Meadow
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