Seasonal Candle Profile: Garden Stroll

Garden Stroll Soy Wax Candle Honeysuckle Herbs Florals Tomato Summer Candle from Reverie + Felicity Studio

Garden Stroll is a candle with a gorgeously complex fragrance. Its aroma is an amalgam of nuanced green and floral elements, carefully composed as my loving olfactory ode to summertime in the south, a place I’ve always called home.

This fragrance blend is heady! It features the intoxicating perfumes that release from flower petals dotting the landscape and climbing fences. In particular, this scent was inspired by the sweetness of honeysuckle that grew at the end of my childhood home’s driveway. Walking from the house to the road to check the mail meant a stop at the wild-growing vines to inhale their glorious fragrance and usually taste the nectar too.

To balance the luscious florals and represent the abundance of verdant greenery that dominates the landscape, my memories led me to the summer gardens my dad would plant and tend.

Strongest in my mind were the fuzzy leaves of the bushy tomato plants which emitted a unique fragrance that seemed to intensify under the heat of the sun. Aromatic herbs like basil and cut grass lingered prominently in the humid atmosphere too.

Together, these natural aromas conjure a magic that arrives when the sun starts sinking in the sky and the light becomes golden. Garden Stroll invites you to adopt a more languid pace, to close your eyes and inhale the scent-laden symphony that surrounds you.

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