Seasonal Candle Profile: Berry Lemonade

Berry Lemonade Soy Wax Candle Lemon Raspberry Blackberry Summer Candle from Reverie + Felicity Studio

The Berry Lemonade soy wax candle was initially inspired by the pink lemonade I loved to drink in summers as an 80s kids and 90s teen.

This particular lemonade was the concentrated kind that comes in paperboard cans from the freezer section in the grocery store. Before diluting the concentrate with water, I would always scoop a dollop of the mouth-puckering frozen concoction onto my tongue to relish the startling intensity of the flavors.

When thinking about the ambiguous pink part of that lemonade, another favorite memory of summer came to mind: picking bursting, ripe blackberries and raspberries and eating them while still sun-warmed.

One of my uncles grew berries where he lived in a valley of the Blue Ridge Mountains of north Georgia. Since we usually visited him in the summer, my sisters and I would delight in the trellised canes laden with plump berries that we could eat freely from. The raspberries and blackberries could be perfectly sweet, they could be slightly underripe and tangy. You never knew which it’d be until the warm juice filled your mouth.

Drawing on these two memories, I combined a bright and sweet lemon fragrance with juicy, tart, and toothsome berry scents. When married together, they created this nostalgia-laden scent.

Berry Lemonade is a seasonal candle with a playful, carefree element that’s absolutely filled with the ripeness singular to summer.

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