Limited Edition Candle #3: Passionfruit • Amber • Palm

Passionfruit Amber Palm Soy Wax Candle Limited Edition from Reverie + Felicity Studio
This is the third release in a series of limited-edition candles from Reverie + Felicity Studio in 2023! Each quarter this year, I'm sharing a new scent blend I created in a small batch of 25-50 classic-sized candles. See Limited Edition #1 here and Limited Edition #2 here.

Reverie + Felicity Studio Insiders get the exclusive first look at each new candle. They also have the chance to add the limited edition candle to their collection before the general public.

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Passionfruit • Amber • Palm is a juicy yet sophisticated blend of:

  • verdant palm leaves, watery agave, and zesty grapefruit
  • punchy passionfruit, elegant orange blossoms, and succulent pineapple
  • sultry amber and softly spiced musk

With the original fragrance blend in Passionfruit • Amber • Palm, I wanted to capture the essence of paradise in a complex, layered interpretation of tropical bliss.  Lush palm leaves and exquisite orange blossoms intertwine with the nectar-like sweetness of passionfruit and pineapple. Sensual amber and musk ground the alluring top notes with a velvety finish.

Passionfruit • Amber • Palm is a fruit-focused scent, gently tempered with elegant floral and golden musk notes. Limited edition run of 25 candles

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