It's wonderful to meet you and welcome to Reverie + Felicity Studio.

I'm Erin and I make candles that support you in your creative journey.

Featuring one-of-a-kind scent blends inspired by my own creativity, Reverie + Felicity Studio candles are designed to be companions that help spark your creativity in whatever you do.

In addition to making candles since 2010, I'm passionate about working with thread and fibers. I love stitching, whether it's modern embroidery, needle punching or crochet. Read more about me here.

I invite you to check out the Year-Round and Seasonal candle collections.

Interested in trying your hand at candlemaking? Candle Creations Kits are available!

If you'd like an in-person experience, I also teach Creative Candlemaking + Scent Blending workshops

There are a few ways we can keep in touch if you'd like. 📧 
I send out an email newsletter a couple times a month.

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Reverie + Felicity Studio is on Instagram @reverieandfelicitystudio

And if you happen to be on the new app Making, I'm also @reverieandfelicitystudio there!

Lastly, feel free to drop me a line at hello@reverieandfelicitystudio.com

Thank you for visiting today!

Creatively yours,

Erin Hils of Reverie + Felicity Studio holding her cat Lulu and smiling at the camera

Erin Hils
founder and maker

Reverie + Felicity Studio