Meet the Maker

Are Friday Introductions still a thing? Since I’ve not really shared a personal post like this before, I’m going to pretend they are! 💁‍♀️

My name is Erin and I’m a chandler (that’s the fancy word for a candle maker) in central North Carolina. I work from a studio behind the cottage that I share with my artist partner Matt, our teenage son Jacob, and 11 cats–yes, you read that right! 😸 And the kitty in my arms is Lulu and today’s her 10th birthday!

I’ve been making candles for over a decade now and in that time, my passion for blending fragrances to make imaginative and inspiring scents bloomed into Reverie + Felicity Studio!

Candle making isn’t the only creative thing I nerd out on, though. I also love modern embroidery and needle punching, and enjoy drawing and dabbling in pattern design in Procreate. Creative hobbies add such richness to our lives!

A few of my favorite things, in no particular order, are:

〰️ Big, colorful statement earrings, like these from Fenna and Fei
〰️ Homemade pimento cheese made with Duke’s mayo and chipotle peppers for all the good flavors
〰️ Seeing people explore and share their creative passions
〰️ Reading with a purring cat loafing on me
〰️ A juicy, hazy IPA on a late spring evening with friends
〰️ Brilliant women like Kelly Diels, Trevia Woods and MaryBeth Bonfiglio. Kelly is a writer and coach who focuses on culture-making through a lens of equity and justice. Trevia is a generous facilitator who helps women remember their power without culturally or spiritually appropriating. MaryBeth is a writer, artist and collective space-holder for ancestral exploration and connection.
〰️ The color aqua for its simultaneous joyfulness and calm. I wear it often and have decorated all of my spaces with it!

Okay, now that you know some things about me, I’d love to know a few of your favorite things! The more specific the better! 😉

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