13 Years of Candlemaking!

Erin of Reverie and Felicity Studio is smiling at the camera. She's holding up one finger on the hand to the left, and three fingers on the hand to the right.
Why am I holding up my fingers like this? Well, that's a 1️⃣ and a 3️⃣ for 1️⃣3️⃣--which is how many years I've now been making candles!

In October 2010, I was a stay-at-home parent to a toddler. Through his crafty activities, I learrned how much I also enjoyed making with my hands, and was in the very early stages of tapping into my own creativity.

One thing that piqued my interest? Candles!

Because this was when Craigslist was still the go-to marketplace, I hopped onto the site, searched 'candle supplies' and up popped the most serendipitous listing!

A woman in Cary, NC, was liquidating the remaining stash of supplies from her recently closed candle business. She was selling wax, fragrances, containers, wicks, and pouring pitchers for pennies on the dollar. 😯

That weekend, I drove to her home, filled the entire interior and trunk of my Honda Accord with boxes, and that's how my candle making journey began!

It's amazing to think how that one Craigslist search affected the trajectory of my entire life.

These 13 years have been filled with countless hours of creative experimentation, learning, and growth, both personally and professionally. From the very first candle I poured to the extensive variety of scents and designs I offer today, I've evolved as a candle maker and business owner. Each candle tells a story, not only of fragrances and wax but of my passion and dedication to this craft.

Over the years, I've also met incredible people, both fellow candle enthusiasts and customers who appreciate the artistry and quality of my candles. The support and feedback I've received have been invaluable, pushing me to continuously refine my skills and products.

As I reflect on these 13 years, I'm grateful for that serendipitous Craigslist listing and the moment I filled my car with those candle supplies. It was a small action that sparked a grand adventure and led me to discover my true creative potential. Making candles has not only provided me with a livelihood but has also allowed me to share this passion with others, and experience the creative gifts of so many others.

Whether you're new to Reverie + Felicity Studio or were one of the people who received my earliest candle experiments, thank you for being here and for being a part of this journey with me! 💕

P.S.--Those pouring pitchers I mentioned? Still using them to this day! 😉

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