Limited Edition Candle #4: Caramel • Woods • Coffee

A lit Caramel Woods Coffee soy wax candle is surrounded by a plaid scarf with colors of orange, rust, dark green, tan, and blue, as well as springs of oak leafs, pine, coffee beans, and salted caramels.

This is the third release in a series of limited-edition candles from Reverie + Felicity Studio in 2023! Each quarter this year, I'm sharing a new scent blend I created in a small batch of 25-50 classic-sized candles. See Limited Edition #1 here, Limited Edition #2 here, and Limited Edition #3 here.

Reverie + Felicity Studio Insiders get the exclusive first look at each new candle. They also have the chance to add the limited edition candle to their collection before the general public.

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Caramel • Woods • Coffee is a luscious blend of:

  • caramelized sugar and browned butter
  • aged oakwood and sweet pine boughs
  • aromatic espresso and bourbon vanilla cream

Crafted to evoke feelings of pure comfort, Caramel • Woods • Coffee is a fragrance that will also transform your space into a warm, inviting haven. The indulgent, nutty top notes of caramelized sugar and browned butter are balanced with heart notes of aged oakwood and delicate, sweet pine boughs. At the base of the scent, robust espresso swirls with decadent cream, enhanced with rich, bourbon vanilla, for delicious depth.   

Caramel • Woods • Coffee is a rich gourmand fragrance that is perfectly balanced with a grounding, woodsy character. Limited edition run of 30 candles.

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