Limited Edition Candle #1: Fig • Tobacco • Cypress

Fig Tobacco Cypress Soy Wax Candle Limited Edition from Reverie + Felicity Studio

This is the first release in a series of limited-edition candles from Reverie + Felicity Studio in 2023! Each quarter this year, I'll share a new scent blend I created in a small batch of 25-50 classic-sized candles.

Reverie + Felicity Studio Insiders get the exclusive first look at each new candle. They also have the chance to add the limited edition candle to their collection before the general public.

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Fig • Tobacco • Cypress is a harmonious, sultry blend of:

  • jammy figs and sweet jasmine
  • green stems and bright bergamot
  • cured tobacco leaves accented with hints of vanilla and spiced cherry
  • woodsy cypress and grounding patchouli

When developing this scent, I aimed to create a fragrance that reflects the moodiness and contrasts of midwinter.

Inspired by the lingering darkness that invites us to seek coziness and turn inward, I incorporated luscious fig with earthy notes of tobacco and cypress. With a nod to the fact that the days are also slowly lengthening, touches of jasmine, bergamot and green stems balance these heavier notes.

The full-bodied aroma of Fig • Tobacco • Cypress is best described as rich, sexy, and appealing to all genders. Limited edition run of 30 candles.


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