Seasonal Candle Profile: Winter Woods

A light-skinned hand hugged by a cream-colored sweater holds a lit match to the wick of a candle. The candle is made of white soy wax poured in a clear glass jar and sits against a mustard yellow backdrop. Winter Woods soy candle from Reverie + Felicity Studio evergreen balsam fir
After preparing a shipment of Winter Woods candles today, it occurred to me I still need to introduce this seasonal scent to y’all!

Winter Woods is most definitely for you nature lovers. For those who 🌲pine🌲 for hikes in the forest. Who can’t wait to go camping. 🏕️ And who embrace nights under the stars and amongst the trees. 🌃

Brisk top notes of eucalyptus--evoking clear, cold air--and fir nestle in a bed of pine boughs and berries. These evergreen aromas are then grounded with touches of coarse tree bark and earthy patchouli. This blend really captures the full experience of being outside with the sky, trees and forest floor.

Can’t escape to the woods? This candle will take you there wherever you light it! 🌲

✨Hey there! I'm Erin and I make candles for creatives and the creatively curious. These candles are meant to be companions with you in your creative practice. It’s my hope that the warm glow and original scent blends inspire your creativity in whatever you do.✨

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