All About Wildwood Meadow

Wildwood Meadow Grande Candle with Yarn Reverie + Felicity Studio

Let’s continue learning more about the scents and their stories today!

For background: each candle I make features a custom scent blend from my imagination and various inspirations ranging from nature to memory to art. Experimenting with fragrance is a creative passion born out of a decade of candle making. Learning what scents layer interestingly and blend together is a form of creative play that I enjoy deeply and love to share.

Wildwood Meadow is a fragrance that took its time to come together. And that’s something that I adore about the scent creation process! Seeing how the initial ideas evolve as I try different fragrance notes together is an unfolding that is honestly just plain fun.

This particular scent--as its name implies--is a riff on a grassy pasture adjacent to majestic woods. The land I grew up on consisted of an open, ten-acre field surrounded on three sides by dense-growth coniferous and deciduous trees. When playing in the sun in the knee-high grass and then venturing into the shade of the woods, I’d notice how the scents around me would shift and change.

Wildwood Meadow started with this memory. However, so often I’ve encountered fragrances that focus on one or the other: either a bright, green scent or woodsy, earthy accords. Wildwood Meadow marries these two into a refreshing and rather clean olfactory encounter.

An enchanting combination of palmarosa grass, lavender buds and herbaceous clary sage recreate the feeling of a meadow. Earthy patchouli, moss on bark and spicy red cedar provide a grounding counterpoint for these lighter scents and conjure the natural allure of a forest.

Creating Wildwood Meadow took many iterations to arrive at this final scent. And ultimately I’m so pleased with how it captures elements of plant life in a grass-filled field along with woodland qualities. I hope you enjoy it too!

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