Patchwork Holiday Market Recap

Erin is pictured standing behind her table at the Patchwork Holiday Market on December 5, 2021.Hi! Welcome to the Reverie + Felicity Studio table!

Thank you to everyone who came out earlier in the week to the Patchwork Holiday Market! ✨

It was a full and fantastic afternoon. Experiencing how many people were excited to support makers and artisans was deeply encouraging! The fact that some folks were standing in line for an hour to get in blew my mind!

A view of the Patchwork Holiday Market crowd from the Reverie + Felicity Studio tablea view of part of the crowd from the Reverie + Felicity Studio table

Huge thanks to my friends Jen and Megan for helping me--I wouldn't have been able to do this event without their enthusiasm and cheerful assistance.❤️

Megan, Erin and Jen, all wearing masks, smile at the camera

And thank you to The Patchwork Market folks for organizing such a vibrant gathering for the community. It was an honor to get to be a part of the day!



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