New Product: Candle Creation Kit

An arrangement of candle-making supplies sits in front of a white background. From left to right is a white box, a glassine bag of wax flakes, a clear glass bottle of fragrance oil, a pair of wicks and two white enamel candle vessels. Reverie + Felicity Studio DIY candle making kit candle creation kit make your soy candles
Candle Creation Kits are here!! 🎉

Curious to try your hand at the craft of candlemaking? The Reverie + Felicity Studio Candle Creation Kit provides the supplies and step-by-step directions to make two scented soy wax candles!

Making candles is a truly fun and sensory experience. ✨ Seeing the wax transform from solid to liquid to solid again. Inhaling the fragrance's aroma. Swirling the ingredients together. Pouring the golden wax into the candle vessels and watching it cool and harden.

The kits are available in all five year-round scents (Bohemian Blooms, Cinnamon Coffee, Golden Forest, Tangerine + Herbs and Wildwood Meadow) and the four Fall/Winter fragrances (Cardamom Pumpkin, Gathering Time, Hearthside and Winter Woods.)

The Candle Creation Kit comes packaged in a giftable box too. So whether you give the kit to yourself or a special someone, you can know that what you're really giving is the precious experience of being creative. ✨

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