It's the time of year for Gathering Time!

Gathering Time Classic Candle Reverie + Felicity Studio

Meant to evoke cherished occasions with loved ones, Gathering Time is a festive, fruit-forward fragrance. Featuring autumnal and wintery notes of pomegranate, currant and apple that are deepened with spices like nutmeg and ginger, I created this blend to celebrate the feeling of warmth from being together with the people and creatures most important to you.

The liveliness of this scent is also a terrific pick-me-up for grey days...and moods. When we’re in the quieter, slower parts of the year, the bright zing of pomegranate can even stir our senses and creative energies.

✨Hey there! I'm Erin and I make candles for creatives and the creatively curious. I believe we're all innately creative and whether we know it or not yet, we each have creative gifts to discover and take pleasure in!

I enjoy creating with fragrance and wax, along with needle and thread, and yarn from time to time too. What are your favorite creative mediums?✨

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