2022 Intentions

While I'm not one to typically make resolutions, I was inpsired to name and compile these intentions after seeing this post from Allison Staiger of The Matriarchy.

These are some of my aims for Reverie + Felicity Studio and for me as a creative person.

Reverie + Felicity Studio Intention for 2022
1 - Do business in ways that encourage integrity, connection, transparency and thriving.

This means:

  • making quality, small-batch products and standing by them
  • being appropriately open, honest and kind with customers, collaborators and supporters
  • centering a human(e) pace of work with allowances for natural rhythms, reflection and rest
  • being generative by contributing profits in solidarity with justice-oriented organizations in my community
  • paying a living, hourly wage to any employees that might come aboard
  • signal-boosting the works of other creatives, along with folks who influence me


Reverie + Felicity Studio 2022 Intentions

✨2 - Show up with regularity, joy and purpose.

Noting that the regularity part of this intention can and should vary by seasons of life and work, I will be sharing stories, encouragement and musings about creativity, my whys for creating, peeks into creative processes and more.

I also want to connect on social media, particularly through videos. Lastly, I want to generously serve R+F Insiders through monthly notes and exclusive offers.

Reverie + Felicity Studio 2022 Intentions

✨3 - Develop mutually rewarding relationships with new wholesale partners.

With 10+ years of candlemaking experience and 7+ years of working with wholesale partners, I treasure supplying independent shops with products their customers adore. I’d like to connect with 12 new shops in 2022!

Reverie + Felicity Studio 2022 Intentions

✨4 - Connect authentically with other creative souls.

This looks like:

  • participating in at least 4 in-person events to share my work
  • being in long-term community with other creatives online and in-person
  • being generous when opportunities arise to share resources, experiences and support


Reverie + Felicity Studio 2022 Intentions

✨5 - Devote–and hold sacred–time for designing, drawing and creatively playing.

With many creative ideas brewing, I want to support them by dedicating time and space to explore them. Creative exploration invigorates, teaches and satisfies me. To this end, I’m spending at least 4 hours a week on average on this practice. I’m interested to see what I learn and experience through this devotion.

Thank you for letting me share these intentions with you! Do you like to begin the year by setting resolutions or intentions?


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