You are creative!

Creativty belong to everyone quote Reverie + Felicity Studio

That's right. We are all creative in some way or another! ✨

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  • Scott

    Erin! I love the care and attention You give to all of the elements that go into your wonderful candle creations, from the eco-friendly ingredients you use to the captivating scents you imbue your candles with, from the aqua themed packaging to the aqua themed stickers that adorn your candle jars, both outside and especially the underside of the lids with those endearing words of inspiration (per the example above: “Creativity belongs to everyone. We are all creative. You are creative!”) It’s as much fun opening the lids to these candles and savoring their rich aroma as it is reading Your uplifting words of Creativity. Thank You for the Smiles of Surprise and Satisfaction You generate, that linger as long as the unique Candle Scents You create! That’s a Bonus any day!

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