Highlighting Cinnamon Coffee

Cinnamon Coffee Classic Candle on stack on Flow and Uppercase magazines Reverie + Felicity Studio

Ahhh, the first day of September! The skies are overcast here and the next couple of evenings will see temperatures drop into the 50s--a radical departure from the many weeks of intense heat and humidity we've endured! 🥵

With autumn's splendors nearing, it seems like the perfect time to highlight Cinnamon Coffee. ☕

Like Golden Forest that I wrote about in the previous post, Cinnamon Coffee is a scent that brings the comfort we often crave when the days become cooler and the sunlight begins to wane. 🍁

And one particular source of comfort and pleasure for me is starting the day with a cup of strong coffee!

Cafe Bustelo and its espresso-like flavor has long been a staple in my home pantry. I usually end up brewing it with a flavored coffee--featuring a gourmand spice--before adding half-and-half to my mug.

Cinnamon Coffee, the candle fragrance blend, was significantly influenced by these preferences. ☺️

It offers a robust note of ground coffee that's given lots of richness thanks to cinnamon and clove. A very subtle touch of orange peel mingles amidst the boldness of this blend and then the scent is satisfyingly rounded out with a creamy, vanilla accord.

Cinnamon Coffee is simultaneously energizing and cozy and has an exceptional hot throw (that's the level of scent you experience when a candle is burning.) It definitely makes its presence known!

My hope is that this candle, like all the ones I craft with their custom-blended fragrances created right in my studio, serve as an inspiring companion for you in whatever ways you're creative!

✨Hey there! I'm Erin and I make candles for creatives and the creatively curious. I believe we're all innately creative and whether we know it or not yet, we each have creative gifts to discover and take pleasure in!

I enjoy creating with fragrance and wax, along with needle and thread, and yarn from time to time too. What are your favorite creative mediums?✨

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