Cardamom Pumpkin: A Creative Take on Pumpkin for the Fall

Cardamom Pumpkin Classic Candle Reverie + Felicity Studio
October = pumpkins, right? Cardamom Pumpkin is a cozy and tantalizing original fragrance blend I created after a trip to Sweden several years ago to visit the Ice Hotel and Stockholm.

The trip took place in the middle of winter--part of it inside the Arctic Circle--and when the sun begins to set at 2 p.m. Amidst all of the wonderful experiences of the time, tasting the rich cardamom flavor in bread, baked goods, glogg and coffee is something that stays with me.

Centuries after cardamom was introduced to Sweden through trade in the Middle East and South Asia, this spice is associated with festivities and winter holidays. And visiting this country during its coldest, darkest time of year, it made a lot of sense as to why the Swedes are drawn to the warm, lively nature of this spice.

Years later, while I brainstormed fragrance concepts for Reverie + Felicity Studio fall and winter candles, I kept coming back to cardamom. I had started using it more intentionally in my own baking after that trip and now it seemed to be the time to explore creatively with this scent in another medium: candles!

Going through my library of fragrances, I ultimately blended a cardamom accord with notes of cloves, nutmeg, roasted pumpkin flesh and creamy vanilla. Adjusting ratios until they were just soCardamom Pumpkin came to be. And I’ve since been told more than once that this candle smells good enough to eat!

Now some think pumpkin is basic at this point in time--and that’s something I disagree heartily with--but I believe this fragrance challenges that notion. The dimensions that cardamom adds to the seasonal standard of pumpkin in this candle takes me back to Sweden. And I hope it creates some magic for you whenever and wherever you might enjoy it too.

If you’ve tried Cardamom Pumpkin, I’d love to hear what you think of it in the comments!


Image ID: a white soy candle in a clear glass jar with a gold lid is pictured on a mustard yellow background. The candle is surrounded by sprigs of greenery, leaves, small bunches of light pink berries, white string lights and fall foliage in shades of red and orange.

photo by Still & Bloom

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