Candle Creation Kit: Fall/Winter Scents

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Explore your creativity through candle-making!

Hand-making candles is a truly fun and sensory experience. Seeing the wax transform from solid to liquid to solid again. Inhaling the fragrance's aroma. Swirling the ingredients together. Pouring the golden wax into the candle vessels and watching it cool and harden. 

If you've been curious to try this craft, the Reverie + Felicity Studio Candle Creation Kit provides the supplies and step-by-step directions to make two 8.75 oz. scented soy wax candles. 

Simply select which Fall/Winter fragrance you'd like below. (You can read about the fragrance options here.)

The Candle Creation Kit comes packaged in a giftable box. Whether you give the kit to yourself or a special someone, you can know that what you're really giving is the precious experience of being creative. 

"There is no greater joy in life than the joy of creating something." - Abhay Kumar

This kit is for personal use only. Candles made from this kit are not to be sold.  Please take common-sense precautions when working with heat and closely supervise children who may be creating with you.

The Candle Creation Kits feature original fragrance blends developed by Reverie + Felicity Studio founder Erin Hils, who's been making candles and playing with scents since 2010. 

10% of Reverie + Felicity Studio's profits are contributed to the West End Revitalization Association and the Occaneechi Band of the Saponi Nation, located here in Alamance County, North Carolina. As part of an ongoing commitment to co-create a more just society, and in solidarity with these community members, revenue from this creative business flows directly to them to support their racial, environmental and Indigenous rights work. 

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    All Reverie + Felicity Studio Candle Creation Kits are proudly designed and assembled in Mebane, North Carolina on the traditional lands of the Occaneechi Band of the Saponi Nation, Eno, Shakori and Catawba peoples--past, present and future.

    How long does it take to make candles with this kit?

    Set aside an hour to gather your supplies, melt the wax and pour the candles. The candles will then need to cool for 12 hours and cure for ideally at least 7 days.

    What age range is this kit intended for?

    This kit is recommended for adults and older teens. Children interested in making candles with the kit should be supervised by an adult since the wax is heated to nearly 200 degrees Fahrenheit.

    What kind of wax is included in the kit?

    The kits feature soy wax made from U.S.-grown soybeans that’s manufactured in Kentucky. The soy beans are grown in the Midwest.

    Why soy wax?

    Soy wax comes from soybean plants so it’s a natural, renewable and biodegradable base for candlemaking. It’s also softer wax that creates a nice slow burn, which means these candles last longer than paraffin wax counterparts. (And soy doesn’t release carcinogenic chemicals when burned like paraffin does!)

    Finally, soy wax cleans up with hot water and soap. So when you’re finished with your candle, you can easily clean out the container and re-use it or recycle it.

    The soy wax I use isn’t blended with any other types of wax, such as paraffin or beeswax. No dyes are added to the candles so you can enjoy the natural color of the wax. (On occasion, a fragrance oil will impart a slight tint to the naturally creamy color though!)

    Tell me more about the wicks used in the kits.

    The wicks in the kits are made of cotton and paper, which are zinc- and lead-free.

    What is used to scent the kit candles?

    High-quality fragrance oil blends that I’ve developed myself are used for the scents in all Reverie + Felicity Studio products. Most of the fragrance oil blends also include components of essential oils. All of the scents used are phthalate free as well.

    General candle care

    Once your candles have been made and cured, be sure to follow these tips to ensure the most enjoyment from your creations!

    Trim the wick to ¼” before lighting--every time
    This makes all the difference in the longevity and clean burning of your candle. A long wick burns much too hot and will both use up the candle more quickly and create soot.

    Burn your candle for up to 3-4 hours at a time
    It’s very important that the first time you use the candle to burn it long enough for the melted wax to reach the edges of the container. This prevents the wax from building up and possibly tunneling during future use.

    Never leave a candle burning unattended or within reach of a draft, pets, or small children.


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    Each kit contains:

    • All-natural soy wax flakes from U.S.-grown soybeans
    • Phthalate-free fragrance oil formulated specifically for use in candles
    • Two white enamel candle vessels with accent rim (depending on supplies, you may receive one or both colors pictured) - the vessels are approximately 3.5" wide by 3" tall
    • A pair of cotton + paper wicks with attached wick stickers
    • Step-by-step directions to make two candles

    What you'll need from home to make your candles:

    • A heat source like a stovetop or hot plate
    • Heat-safe glass bowl with spout or extra-large glass measuring cup
    • Pot large enough to accommodate the glass bowl or measuring cup
    • Metal spoon for stirring
    • Newspaper or wax paper to cover your work surface
    • Popsicle stick, chopstick, skewer or clothespin
    • Thermometer
    • Scissors or nail clippers

    This kit is for personal use only. Candles made from this kit are not to be sold.  Please take common-sense precautions when working with heat and closely supervise children who may be creating with you.