The Reverie + Felicity Studio Fragrance Library

A creative practice--whether it involves writing, stitching, drawing, knitting, baking, painting, carving, making music, crafting, cooking, crocheting, singing, meditating, sculpting, or dancing--connects us more deeply to ourselves. To joy. To the gratifications of learning.

These scents were custom blended to be enjoyed with your personal creative practice. They're also wonderful companions when you need a bit of inspiration or simply want to relax.

Year-Round Fragrances

Bohemian Blooms

  • Top: Peony
  • Middle: Jasmine, Rose, Neroli
  • Base: Sandalwood, Musk, Powder

Cinnamon Coffee

  • Top: Cinnamon, Orange Peel
  • Middle: Clove, Cream
  • Base: Black Coffee, Vanilla

Golden Forest

  • Top: Citrus, Lemon
  • Middle: Fir, Eucalyptus, Cedar
  • Base: Amber, Resin, Sandalwood

Tangerine + Herbs

  • Top: Tangerine, Orange
  • Middle: Rosemary, Lemongrass
  • Base: Sage, Fir, Musk

Wildwood Meadow

  • Top: Bergamot, Moss
  • Middle: Red Cedar, Lavender, Palmarosa
  • Base: Patchouli, Earth, Clary Sage


Spring/Summer Fragrances

Berry Lemonade

  • Top: Blackberry, Lemon
  • Middle: Raspberry, Citrus Zest, Sugar Crystals
  • Base: Vanilla

Garden Stroll

  • Top: Green Leaves, Basil
  • Middle: Honeysuckle, Violet, Lavender
  • Base: Golden Musk



  • Top: Bergamot, Elderflower, Lily
  • Middle: Ginger, Fresh Berries, Jasmine
  • Base: Pink Amber, White Tea


  • Top: Ozone, Sea Salt
  • Middle: Eucalyptus, Coconut, Jasmine
  • Base: Sand, Driftwood

Fall/Winter Fragrances

Cardamom Pumpkin

  • Top: Cardamom, Cloves
  • Middle: Pumpkin, Nutmeg
  • Base: Cream, Vanilla

Gathering Time

  • Top: Tart Citrus Peel, Pomegranate
  • Middle: Red Currant, Apple
  • Base: Cinnamon, Geranium, Nutmeg, Ginger


  • Top: Smoke, Clove
  • Middle: Cedarwood, Toasted Vanilla
  • Base: Charred Wood, Golden Amber

Winter Woods

  • Top: Fir, Eucalyptus
  • Middle: Pine Needles, Berries, Fruit
  • Base: Balsam, Patchouli, Juniper

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