What Creativity Do You Want to Share With the World?

A white hand with aqua fingernails holds a gold candle jar lid towards the camera. There is a white sticker on the inside of the lid that reads: "What creativity do you want to share with the world?"

This was the question I asked myself when dreaming of what would become Reverie + Felicity Studio.

As a candlemaker for more than a decade, I knew I wanted to evolve my craft. And that led to formulating imaginative, custom-blended scents (that can't be found anywhere else!) for this line of soy candles.

I also sought to expand the breadth of products I designed so that folks could explore their own creative curiosities. To that end, candlemaking kits, along with other hands-on, creative products are in the works!

Reverie + Felicity Studio has now opened. I'm excited to share my creation with you. And even more so, to encourage and inspire your own creativity!

✨Hey there! I'm Erin and I believe we're all innately creative. Whether we know it or not yet, we each have creative gifts to discover and take pleasure in! I want to live in a world where we not only have the opportunities, but are encouraged, to be in touch with our own creativity. Because exploring and practicing creativity allows us to connect with our joy and humanity. And when we're connected to ourselves, we can better honor the humanity of others and make this world a more just, equitable place for all.

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