How Blending Fragrances Became a Passion and Then This Business

A creative practice--whether it involves writing, stitching, drawing, knitting, painting, carving, making music, crafting, cooking, crocheting, singing, meditating, sculpting, or dancing--connects us more deeply to ourselves. And to our joy.

Over the years, blending fragrances became one of my creative practices that morphed into a full-blown passion!

This passion then grew into the basis for Reverie + Felicity Studio's soy candle line. You won't find these scents elsewhere and every one offered was borne from imagination and lots of playful experimenting in my workshop.
Ultimately, my hope is that the candles and their unique fragrances serve as inspiring companions for you in whatever ways you're creative!

In the coming days, I'll be introducing each of the fragrances here and am excited to share more about them!

If you've already visited the shop and browsed the candles, which scent(s) caught your eye? Or piqued your curiosity?

✨Image ID: A creamy white candle in a clear glass jar with a gold lid is surrounded by art papers, individually watercolor pans, colored pencils and papers on an aqua blue background.

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