Fall/Winter seasonal candles are now available!

Thank you for your interest in being a
Reverie + Felicity Studio wholesale partner!

These candles are created to be companions in your creative practice.

Lighting a candle to nurture or spark your creativity is a meaningful ritual and supportive act. 

The scents in these candles are unique blends of my own imagination as a candle artist and creative person.


Erin & Lulu

Independent shops and businesses are encouraged to apply for a wholesale account.
Preference is given to brick-and-mortar shops.

$250 opening order minimum

retailers that order at least once every
12 months qualify for $150 re-orders

wholesale prices are 50% of listed retail

stockists agree to offer candles at or above the retail rates
set by Reverie + Felicity Studio

Candles are offered for wholesale in case packs
Petite candles - 4 per fragrance - $26/pack
Classic candles - 3 per fragrance - $30/pack
Grande candles - 2 per fragrance - $30/pack

To be considered for an account, first please fill out the wholesale application.

Complimentary fragrance samples are available too!
Please complete the wholesale application and include your request for a sampler in the notes.

Once your application is approved,
you'll receive an account invitation by email
to access the Reverie + Felicity Studio Wholesale Shop.



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