Cardamom Pumpkin, Gathering Time, Hearthside and Winter Woods Fall Winter Soy Candles from Reverie + Felicity Studio

Fall/Winter seasonal candles are now available to retail partners!

Cozy and beautiful, original fragrance blends in all-natural soy wax

Fall/Winter 2023 Collection

Cardamom Pumpkin
a different take on the usual pumpkin thanks to the singular and vibrant aroma of cardamom 

Gathering Time
bold pomegranate and red currant deepened with cinnamon and nutmeg

toasted vanilla married with spicy clove and charred woods

Winter Woods
fresh eucalyptus reminscent of crisp air, pine boughs and fir, grounded with hints of bark

If creatives, makers, crafters, or dreamers shop with you, this line of handmade soy candles is for them!

Reverie + Felicity Studio natural soy wax candles are designed to be companions that inspire and nourish creative moments.
Their one-of-a-kind fragrance blends are free of phthalates and support a variety of creative practices. With encouraging notes under their lids, the candles are beautiful, meaningful, and giftable.
I've been crafting with wax and fragrance since 2010. And I create all of Reverie + Felicity Studio's original and imaginative candle scents as part of my own creative expression.
I believe we're all inherently creative and that we each have creative gifts to discover and take pleasure in. Lighting an intentionally crafted candle to nurture our creativity is a worthwhile and supportive act.
Thank you for your interest in Reverie + Felicity Studio!


Erin Hils (and Lulu)
founder + maker

Independent shops and businesses are encouraged to apply for a wholesale account.
Preference is given to brick-and-mortar shops.

$175 opening order minimum

retailers that order at least once every
12 months qualify for $100 re-orders

wholesale prices are 50% of listed retail

stockists agree to offer candles at (or above) the retail rates
set by Reverie + Felicity Studio

Candles are offered for wholesale in case packs
Petite candles - 4 per fragrance - $26/pack
Classic candles - 3 per fragrance - $30/pack
Grande candles - 2 per fragrance - $30/pack

To be considered for an account, first please fill out the wholesale application.

Complimentary fragrance samples are available as mini wax melts!
Please complete the wholesale application and include a note in your request for a sampler.

Once your application is approved, you'll receive the current wholesale catalog and order form by email.

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